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Jun 10 2012

Quick Comic Review: Fly Volume 1 TPB

What if there was a drug that could give you the ability to fly? How far would you go to get it? That’s the ultimate question in this gripping series written by Raven Gregory. The story follows a group of people who become tangled in a dangerous game of cat and mouse. In high school, …

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May 30 2012

Quick Comic Review: “Fixer” 5 Chapters in, and kicking ass!


Back in January, I posted an interview with Roger and Danny, the artist and writer behind the webcomic Fixer. It’s about a fictitious band who came together through their common love of music and wanting to break barriers within the industry. However, along the way they learn that the industry is a very cutthroat business …

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May 18 2012

Review: Gunnar Optiks MW3 Gaming Edition Eyewear


Over the last few months I’d been experiencing a slight increase in the frequency of headaches I’d get after a few brief hours of gaming or even just normal daily computer use. As someone who is an avid gamer, headaches generally come with the territory of long gaming sessions. However, even with a casual session …

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