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Feb 27 2013

Almost 24…

I wrote this on Sunday, and really have been battling the idea of sharing it, publicly. I have always tried to keep my content as real an honest as possible with my readers, That means even sharing my most vulnerable moments from time to time. And because my grandmother has ALWAYS been a devout, staunch …

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May 31 2010

New Old Stuff (“Vacant Expression” & “Hold On”)

-Vacant Expression- Silently overwhelmed In the serenity that is your voice Mention this… Mention Something… Mention Anything I just want to hear my name escape softly from your lips This dream felt like it lasted forever I could feel your lips move Me,trembling in my own skin Woke up with a feeling of of rejection …

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Apr 29 2010

Adapt or Die

Adaptation is key for survival. However, to adapt does not mean sacrificing one’s morals and standards to achieve common goals but adapting your mindset to overcome that what you feel is imposible to achieve. Adaptation Perserverence and above all, Faith.

Feb 10 2010


“To what does it profit a man to gain everything, but lose his identity in the process” On the surface, I have everything one can ask for. Great parents and the best fri… no, family anyone can ask for. I should be happy, yet I feel as though there is some huge void missing in …

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Dec 27 2009


Never did I think I could fall in love so deeply with someone’s words. Genuinely a complete stranger with whom I have shared a few moments in mere passing. Never have I felt the warmth of one’s embrace so deeply as I have when I read through her lines. The way she bends and twists …

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