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Mar 02 2014

The Evolution of Social Gaming: Part 3: The Challenge

As many of you know by the time of writing this, I’m about 3 months into officially starting my stream channel on twitch. After at least a year and a half of hiding behind a screen name in various chat rooms and performing my usual moderator duties,I was quietly getting that itch to step out …

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Jan 20 2014

From the Editors Desk: 2014 Goals and aspirations

As we enter yet another year for the site, I can’t help but thank the people that have read and supported us thus far. Truth be told, we do this because we love it. We set out to find people who share our common passions and add to it with their own flavor. I will …

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Aug 15 2013

The Editor’s Desk: A few updates and a big announcement

As some of you might have read a few months ago, I’ve been having some health complications over the last few years that I’d regretfully had been putting off. Unfortunately, this year the problem had gotten far too big to cast aside anymore. Well, the good news is it’s not cancerous. It will however require …

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Jun 14 2013

I’m Sorry!

First of all, I will preface this with the following, our E3 stuff is in fact, going to be posted soon. I have a few pieces published privately that I’m still in the process of working on that I want to have up by the middle of next week. I’m not one to make excuses, …

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May 04 2013

The Evolution of Social Gaming: The Next Generation

Around this time last year I posted an article entitled The Evolution of Social Gaming. Within the article, I discussed the increasing number of live streaming platforms that have finally adopted a formula to cater to the growing desire for gameplay and video game related content amongst it’s users. While I’m not going to spend …

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Mar 01 2013

What Draws Us To The Music We Listen To? (part three)

This is where the story gets really hard for me to write. Simply because I’m still developing in this particular music stage of my life. Over the last few years or so, my genre choices went from one spectrum to the next, even more so than before. Yet another new circle of friends came into …

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