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Dec 31 2011

Anime Rave 2011: Remix

Here is a “remixed” version of my Anime Rave video from AUSA. This one features Phoenix, one of the dancers from Cosmo’s Dolls. It was upon a sugguestion on their Facebook page that I do this. Hope the end product of this one is just as pleasing as the first. Enjoy. You can check out …

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Nov 30 2011

Anime USA 2011 (rant?) :)

Now that I’ve gotten my review up of the events and panels that I’ve had the privilege to attend. After reading the forums about the various events in the feedback panel. I feel now is the time to air out my grievances with a lot of what’s been stated within said forum as for whatever …

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Nov 27 2011

Revisiting the Land of Otaku: Anime USA 2011

Con Pack

Finally after a full week of recovery and over “con separation anxiety” (lol) It’s time I post my review on the events and happenings of AUSA 2011. Being that this was my second time around, I was far better prepared and way more into a lot of the events this year compared to last. This …

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Nov 12 2011

Almost that time again!

This time next week I will once again be attending Anime USA. While at the present time, quite a few of the guests that I was planning to see have had to back out due to various professional obligations or other unknown reasons. I’m very optimistic that this year will be just as fun for …

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Apr 24 2011

A much needed update…

Finally I sit down to write for the first time in what feels like forever. Sadly the almost complete abandonment of this blog is an ever present reminder of my constant wearying mental state most days. It’s no secret, that most of the times I generally feel compelled to pen anything are either incredibly late …

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Nov 18 2010

My journey into the land of Otaku


This past weekend was definitely an unexpected pleasure, and in most cases a huge culture shock for me. After what seems like years of prodding from my friends and subtle regrets on my behalf, I finally attended my first anime convention. Anime USA is a local convention that is held in the Crystal City area of Alexandria,VA in the month of November which has been in inception for going on 12 years now