Jul 22 2012

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Join together for A Cause

Stating today, a few Twitch TV streamers decided to join together to stream and raise money for the victims of the Aurora shooting rampage on Friday. The Huffington Post recently opened a memorial donation fund to help aide and support the victims and their families with medical expenses and funeral costs. If you wish to donate, we’ve added a chip in link to the side bar of our website that will be running until the 21st of August. Even if you can’t afford to donate, we’d ask that you share this post among your friends to help spread awareness of this cause. Every little bit counts and your efforts are appreciated.

Editor’s note: due to extenuating circumstances with the first chip in box, We ask that you make any and all donations via the aurora fund website linked above. Thank you and I do apologize for any issues this may have caused.  We were not the ones in charge of the fund raising that the chip in was linked to. Due to a break down in communication with said party, we have since removed that section from our site.

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