May 30 2012

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Quick Comic Review: “Fixer” 5 Chapters in, and kicking ass!

Back in January, I posted an interview with Roger and Danny, the artist and writer behind the webcomic Fixer. It’s about a fictitious band who came together through their common love of music and wanting to break barriers within the industry. However, along the way they learn that the industry is a very cutthroat business that ultimately puts a strain on their relationship with one another.

In the first few chapters, we are introduced to Dakota Shaw, who at the time was in a garage band known as “Vile Deeds”. He runs into Damien Miller, who constantly finds himself getting into more and more trouble. Damien is seen as the proverbial “round peg in a square hole”. He has a very brash “f*** off” type of attitude, but almost instantly bonds with Dakota. By this time, Dakota was growing tired of the antics of his current band, and found himself wanting to go in a different direction. To add further complications, his straining relationship with his girlfriend Melody is really beginning to take it’s toll as well. This web comic is picking up quite nicely, and I strongly implore you all to check it out and give it a chance.

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