May 29 2012

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Arkham City: HQR DLC released today, AE Community announcement

The anticipated DLC release of Harley Quinn’s Revenge has officially released today. It’s available now on XBL/PSN for 800 MSP ($10 PSN). Upon completion, I will be doing a quick review of the DLC and my thoughts on how it has impacted the series. Will any of you e buying this DLC?, or if you haven’t bought the game already, will you be buying the GOTY edition when it’s released? Leave a comment below and let me know.

Speaking of comments and feedback, Around 4pm EDT, there will be a new addition to our site in the form of a message board. We wanted to make this site very much of an interactive experience for our readers. We want to get to know you as much as we want you to know us. We will start taking registrations later today. We hope to see you there and look forward to taking part in this journey with you.

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