Dec 19 2011

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Have you ever wanted something so bad, yet had little foundation as to how to set those plans in motion? I feel like one of those insurance commercials from sometime last year. Truth is, I’m there now. Growing up I always had an artistic side, whether I was writing stories or poetry or”trying” to learn the guitar, my interest was always art. It wasn’t until recently that I discovered my love for photography and found myself longing to be behind a lens. Which led me to start my own photography “brand”. Granted it’s very much a start up project in every sense of the word but I’m constantly hoping and praying that things will eventually take off in the end.

This normally isn’t something I talk about, but growing up with the disability I have has led to numerous challenges in my life. A lot of which I’ve been blessed to overcome. 17 years ago, I was dealt one of my biggest hurdles. It was a major blow to my self esteem and my thought process for many years . Here I was a normal kid, outside of a slight limp and the occasional leg and back pain. I was in i was in the sixth grade and adjusting to a new school, of which I knew would be temporary due to the lack of accommodations for my physical needs. However, upon my first few weeks in this new school, I noticed I was having way more difficulty walking than usual. It got to the point the school had to give me a book cart to ride around from class to class on (it looks as funny as it sounds, believe me) thankfully my classmates were more than supportive of me during this time period. Most of them were eager to volunteer to assist me with whatever I needed and tried to make me feel as less awkward as possible.

One day, I was heading out for recess when I felt my leg buckle under me and I fell off of a set of stairs. Which normally I would just jump up and shake it off, but this time was very different. after about 20 minutes, i was able to get up and make it the nurse. It was at this point the principal and the nurse called my mom who was unfortunately at work. The principal drove me to my house which was down the hill, this had been routine for most of time that I was there. After a day or so the pain had worn off , so I figured I was okay. That was until I had to go to the doctor. By this point the transfer that had been discussed was officially due to happen and I was going to be going back to my previous school of which I had spent the latter half of my fourth grade year. Upon going to the doctor, they took x rays to figure out what was wrong with me. To ll of our surprise, the reason i had been having such difficulty was because I had dislocated my hip.

the x rays showed that the connector joint was approximately six and a half inches out of the socket. Due to the severity of the injury, surgery was imminent. so I had gone back to school about a week later, once again adjusting to new surroundings as the school had changed drastically since I was last there. While most of the classmates I had were supportive, there were quite a few less than at my other school. We learned that the surgery was set to happen on December 21st. of which, we were told it would be an “in and out procedure”. WRONG! I spent over a month in a semi-full body cast, and had to learn to walk all over again with the aid of crutches, which are now a lifelong companion.

Which brings me back to my original point, my biggest dream of the moment is to have the opportunity to make a career out of something i love to do, and potentially have my first real shoot or at the very least have the equipment to do so, I know my lack of mobility will be somewhat of a hindrance, but nothing is ever impossible if you believe right? I don’t if I will ever make his happen but this is my one goal for 2012. I thank you guys for reading this rather long entry, I just wanted to share a little of myself with all of you. I’d love to hear what your goals and aspirations are. Leave a comment below and let’s make all of our dreams come true

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