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Apr 25 2012

Indie Spotlight: Botanicula

Botanicula is a fun, clever, relaxing and beautiful point and click adventure game that is just so different from most point and clicks that I needed to mention it here. Its a worthwhile break from the FPS mayhem many of us gamers are used to. Botanicula by indie developer “Amanita Design” is definitely one that …

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Jun 30 2011

Can the iPad replace the Personal Computer?

iPad2 PC

Yes, yes it can! The iPad 1 and 2 are and were both breakthroughs in computing technology. I mean sure, they are essentially really big iPhones. But the iPad 2 is no slouch when it comes to hardware specs. Its CPU is a dual core, 1ghz A5 chip that is very powerful, very fast and …

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