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Jun 14 2013

E3 2013 – Xbox One

Gaming’s big 3 (Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo) have spoken and we all now know what the future of gaming holds for us. It holds the obvious things you’d expect like next gen graphics and sound. Even better though, the future of gaming shows us that developers are concentrating more on new ip’s and innovation. Many developers …

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Jun 01 2013

Next-Gen: It’s All On The Line

As the current generation of consoles quickly comes to an end, and a new generation begins, now is as good a time as any to take a look back at what was, as its the greatest indicator of whats to come. Looking back not only shows us the winners and losers, but the lessons learned, …

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Jun 06 2012

Best Of 3DS – E3 2012

I love the 3DS and was hopeful Nintendo would show the goods at E3, I was not disappointed. While I love Mario 3D Land, I still go back and play New Super Mario Bros on the DS and Wii. Both games are as good as a 2D platformer gets! And part 2 for the 3DS …

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Jun 05 2012

Wii U – E3 2012

Now that (some of) the Wii U has been officially unveiled at this years E3, I can officially say it has me excited. While they didn’t release official specs of the system just yet, they have announced the processor manufacturers. And it seems as if Nintendo went with the same companies that developed the processors …

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Jun 05 2012

Halo 4… And Xbox Infinity?

Halo 4 gameplay was showed off at E3 2012! Simply put, it looked stunning. I’ll let this Xbox 360 gameplay speak for itself! The one thing I do want to mention here is the name of that ship, which is the UNSC’s Infinity. I truly believe that Infinity is the name of the next Xbox …

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May 29 2012

Join Our Forum


If you want to be part of a new, friendly, online community that discusses just about any and all topics, from gaming and technology, to movies and music, to sports and wrestling, to Apple and Microsoft. The Askew Effect Forum is the place for you! Come ask questions as well as share your thoughts, ideas, …

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