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Jan 20 2013

iPad 4 – Time To Throw Out The PC!

My first experience with an iPad was with the 1st generation version that launched in April of 2010. I later went on to purchase the iPad 2. My latest ipad purchase is the newest iPad 4. I skipped the 3rd generation ipad for reasons you can find in my iPad 3 article HERE. Before I …

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Nov 03 2012

iPhone 5 – Quick Review

Ive been using the iPhone 5 for well over a month now (since launch day) and feel Ive spent enough time with it to get out a review that doesnt include any of the early on hype or disappointment that many reviews include when published so close to a products launch. I just recently got …

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Sep 19 2012

iPhone 5 – Revolutionary Evolution

This is a technical overview of the iPhone 5′s hardware, mainly from a Gamer’s perspective. The internet has been on fire as of late about the iPhone 5. Many “FANdroid” bloggers and Apple haters alike have been taking shots at the newly announced Apple device. From dubbing it as “Apple jumping the shark”, like Fonz …

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May 29 2012

Join Our Forum


If you want to be part of a new, friendly, online community that discusses just about any and all topics, from gaming and technology, to movies and music, to sports and wrestling, to Apple and Microsoft. The Askew Effect Forum is the place for you! Come ask questions as well as share your thoughts, ideas, …

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Apr 26 2012

The Must Have Mac Accessory

In my home we have 3 computers… One is an iMac that is in a general area for the entire family to use, although mainly my Wife uses it. A 13″ Macbook Pro that is mainly for my oldest son to use, strictly for learning games/apps. Then there is my computer, which is a 15″ …

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Jun 30 2011

Can the iPad replace the Personal Computer?

iPad2 PC

Yes, yes it can! The iPad 1 and 2 are and were both breakthroughs in computing technology. I mean sure, they are essentially really big iPhones. But the iPad 2 is no slouch when it comes to hardware specs. Its CPU is a dual core, 1ghz A5 chip that is very powerful, very fast and …

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