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I write tech propaganda to express my love for all things technology and to review and explain gadgets in a way that anyone can understand. I like to think of Ramsey Digital as “Technology explained, for the rest of us!” Ive always been interested in electronics, ¬†and I guess it all started with video games and just expanded from there. From playing my Grandparents’ Atari and ColecoVision in the early 80′s to getting the NES in 1985, it all just continued from there.

From the Sega Genesis to the Dreamcast to the Xbox 360 and many others in between, gaming and to a larger extent, technology, has been more than just a hobby, its been a lifestyle. As a child, gaming kept me occupied and as an only child, it kept me sane. As a teen, it kept me out of trouble (most times) and as an adult, well, I just can’t see my life and now my kids’ lives without gaming and to a greater extent, technology, as a big part of it. When I was a kid I was always taking electronics apart. I was always the person family members would turn to, to get a gadget or computer working. From CB radio’s to computers, I was into it all. From the 80s to today, technology, of all kinds, defines me.

On a more personal level, I’ve always tried to follow in the footsteps of the man who raised me for most of my childhood, my Great Grandfather Harrison L Malmberg. His life and all that he did is why I never got into drinking, drugs or smoking. He’s the reason why, even as a teenager, I always saw myself being a married man and a father someday and he’s the reason I’ll always try to be the best husband and father, for as long as I live. He was a great man, and if I can just be 1/10th the man he was I will have fulfilled my dream in life.

In High School I met the girl who would someday become my wife. We were together for a couple years back then and as is natural with most first loves/young people in High School, we went our separate ways. 8 years later we ran into each other, and maybe it was destiny, maybe it was timing but there was definitely love. So we married, had a son, then had another son and now we are a happy family, each with a love for a different Apple device :) Macbook Pro and iMac for me, iPad 2 for my oldest and iPhone 4s for the wife. The tech love lives on!

Many years ago I had a website called Ramsey Propaganda, it was all more personal and political back then, but with gaming and tech thrown in. I stopped the site years ago, motivation was always the problem back then. But today I have the motivation and joy in writing here thanks to the person who has made this all possible, Eugene Askew, THE Mr. “Askew Effect” himself. We have many big ideas going forward, and I look forward to much, much more in the future from videos to podcasts and even a couple of surprises. As we grow and expand this site, you will see this site undergo big changes and all will help us bring bigger and better things to all those that come here!

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