Jun 06 2012

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Best Of 3DS – E3 2012

I love the 3DS and was hopeful Nintendo would show the goods at E3, I was not disappointed.

While I love Mario 3D Land, I still go back and play New Super Mario Bros on the DS and Wii. Both games are as good as a 2D platformer gets! And part 2 for the 3DS looks to keep the classic 2D side-scrolling action going this coming August!

2D Mario games will always have a place in this gamers heart. I still remember the Christmas of 1985 when my Grandmother bought me an NES, and I had to watch Mario run across the screen for quite a while on our floor model RCA TV, as my Dad would’nt let me play it (I was 5yrs old) until he had the sound working. Remembering back, he had the NES set to channel 4 and the TV set to channel 3 :/

New Super Mario Bros 2 – Trailer:

Next up is the sequel to a game that I still own and love for the Gamecube, Luigi’s Mansion!

A funny little story about the original Luigi’s Mansion. I remember an Ex-Girlfriend at the time bought me the Gamecube and a couple of launch titles, including Luigi’s Mansion. She bought it for me for Christmas that year and wouldn’t let me open it until Christmas Day. But when she went to her Families house for Thanksgiving weekend, I found the hiding place of the Gamecube and all its games and I remember playing and beating Luigi’s Mansion over that holiday weekend (luckily it wasn’t wrapped yet)! I returned the console back into the box before she came back!

Luigi’s Mansion was such a great game back then and still brings back fond memories of vacuuming up those pesky ghosts, it really was a blast! Seeing a sequel coming to the 3DS has me just as excited to play part 2 as I was playing part 1 back then. And the added 3D should really make this another unforgettable gaming experience!

Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon – Trailer:

Some other 3DS games coming this year that look promising are Paper Mario (if you liked previous ones), Heroes Of Ruin, and of course, Castlevania: Lords of Shadow-Mirror of Fate:

I think its safe to say 2012 will be a good year for not just Nintendo, but for the 3DS as well. There are already a slew of great 3DS games available, and by years end the library of great games should grow to the point that the 3DS becomes a must have!

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Last but certainly not least, if you want to discuss the 3DS or anything/everything game related and more, be sure to sign up and join our discussion forum HERE!


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