May 12 2012

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I Think About Her Every Mothers Day

{WRITTEN 11-15-2005}

This isn’t a typical Tech post, although it is another I dug up from the Ramsey Propaganda grave.

Pardon the interruption, but this one is personal :)


Happy Birthday

To a REAL woman, a smart, beautiful woman. A woman who cared about her family. A woman who taught boys how to be men (myself included).

She turned a dirty, scragly, ugly guy who was a low life loser and had no future, into a man. A man I ‘respected’, a man I looked up to, and it was because of her!

I’ll never forget her, her smile could light up anyones day. I know she sees me from up in heaven, and she knows I’ll be meeting her there someday and I cant wait. Even though she’s not here with me on earth, shes with me every second of the day, in spirit and my heart.

She is the reason I know respect, the reason I know manners and the reason Ive become a man who will NEVER turn his back on his family. She is the one who taught me the meaning of family, the meaning of love and how caring for someone can change a persons life forever.

When I go out of my way to make someone happy or to just lend a helping hand, whether it be friends or family, no matter the circumstances, its my Aunt Jackie I have to thank for that.

Every man is born with a heart, but it takes a real woman, like my Aunt, to show a man how to use that heart. And thankfully for me, I had her to show me how to do just that, and its something I will never forget.

When I was younger I never really understood these things, but now that im older, the more I think back on who she was, the more of a man I become.

She has a father who only showed her love and only cared about her when it was right for him and he needed someone to talk to. And because she had such a big heart, she was there for him, everytime. Then, he would push her away whenever he found someone else to talk to, and it hurt her more than anything, every single time. Yet still, she was there for him, every single time. Whenever he found a girlfriend who would put up with his BS, his Daughter would dissappear from his life once again. Funny how those things work out, huh?…. Karma always wins out in the end though!

My Aunt had a heart of gold and thats something I will never forget about her, her heart changed my life when I was a kid and it made me into the man Ive become today. I learned so much from her, lessons I will carry with me for the rest of my life.

I know she’s happy up there with my great grandparents and my grandmother, I can just imagine the look on her face when she met them in heaven. There will never be another woman like her on this earth, she was truly one of a kind.

I know there are things she sees as she looks down upon us from the heavens above, things that she couldn’t and wouldn’t of ever imagined. I only hope that if she does see the madness that is happening and thats being caused by her one true love in life, I only hope she can find it in her heart to one day forgive the one she devoted her life to, if and when they meet again in heaven. Because I myself will never forget this, nor will I ever forgive it. But thats not whats important right now.

Whats most important right now is that we all take the time to remember her, the loving, caring, smart, wonderful woman that she was. I think of her everyday, no grave site can replace that, no flowers can make that any stronger. And I live to make her proud, everyday. Never forgetting whats important and never letting down those who need me, never letting down my family, thats a lesson she taught me and one I’ll never forget.

Happy Birthday Aunt Jackie, you will never be forgotten. You will live on in spirit through me and someday my children as they will know everything about you, because I will always remember you and all the love you’ve given to me.

11-15-62 – 3-4-04


Update: 4 years later after I wrote this, I kept my promise. I had my 1st Son (2008) and have told him many great things about his Aunt Jackie. And last year (2011), I had my 2nd son, and he will know all the great things about her as well. She will truly never be forgotten!

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