May 03 2012

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Kameo: Elements Of Power (X360 Launch Title) Quick Review

{Release date: 10/25/05 – Review written by me: 11/24/05}

WOW! Thats what comes to mind when I think about this game. This is the most underrated (IGN, Gamespot, etc.) game of all the Xbox 360 launch titles. This game is my favorite game of all the launch titles.

The puzzle elements in this game are some of the best Ive ever seen. Not only are they challenging, but they also make sense unlike so many other platform games before it. This is truly one of the best platformers ever made. As Kameo, you control so many different characters, after you free them of course, throughout the game. And the manner in which each are used is just genius.

You may need to turn into Major Ruin, a rock like creature who can roll up into a ball and be used to roll up a steep platform, that without him was otherwise impossible. Then, when you get to the top you may have to jump across a flaming pit of death, so you then morph into Chilla and use his spikes to climb up the rest of the mountain. It all works together so well but also has an element of strategy to it that just makes for a fun time.

The horseback parts of the game, which there are alot of, is something that is unforgettable about this game. The draw distance, depth and scale is unlike anything ever seen in a game world before. Theres this huge battle going on all around, in the sky, on the ground and its all happening in real time, thousands upon thousands of enemies and good guys fighting it out to the death. I swear sometimes I felt like I was in the movie Braveheart during the battle scenes. Its truly a sight to see and fun to be a part of.

This game has done for me what Mario 64 did back when the N64 launched! Yes, its that good.

I can’t stress enough to you the level of detail in this game. The crackling of fire, the reflections on the ice, truly amazing lighting (specular) that shines and reflects off of everything. The way Kameo moves so graceful and fluid. The way fur moves is so life-like and theres just so many things going on, on-screen at one time and all the time. Huge bosses that are epic in scale and unlike any seen in a platformer before. And no platformer could be complete without water and Kameo has the best animated, in game water of any platformer to ever be released.

No 1st party, next gen launch title should ever release without showing off the systems capabilities and lots of eye popping graphical features, and Kameo doesn’t disappoint! Light shinning through dust particles never looked so good. Night to day transitions that are second to none. Sunsets that look better in game than real life. A flawless 30fps with zero screentear make this game as next gen as it gets!

Kameo is fun, challenging and just what the 360 needed to show it can compete in the platformer genre, an important genre that all consoles need to compete.

You’ve waited for the day that a game could look like Finding Nemo, Shrek and the Toy Story movies. Well, I’m happy to tell you that the wait is finally over, Kameo is that game and its one that, once you play it, you’ll never forget the experience!

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