Dec 30 2011

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49ers Faithful

As a lifelong 49ers fan I thought it would be appropriate to put a post on here about my love for this team. I was born and raised in the state of Maryland just a mile or so outside of Washington DC. I remember growing up (in the 80s) listening to stories from my Great Grandfather, Harrison, about his travels around America and his visit to SF on his way to Hawaii. He always told me how much he loved the city of San Fran above all other places he had ever visited. So from there, as my love and understanding of football grew, so did my love for the team in SF that Harrison told me so many stories about.

I guess it helped that the team I had grown to love from about the age of 5 (1985) also happened to be the team of the 80s, in my opinion. I remember the Joe Montana days very well, along with all of his Sega Genesis sports talk football games! And even more exciting for me was when Steve Young took over! Being his name was Steve (like mine) and he had the #8 jersey, which happens to be my favorite number being that my birthdate is 8/8/80, so it all just kind of clicked back then for me!

One thing I will never forget is going to a 49ers game at FedEx field against the Redskins in 1998. All my friends I went with were Skins fans, except for myself and one other person. I was all decked out in my 49ers gear and people were bitter! At the start of the game all the drunk fans around me were having a good time, screaming loudly in my ear coming right in my face to do so. Halfway through the 1st qtr, the Redskins were up 10-0. But, by the end of the 1st HALF, the 49ers were up 28-10! A lot of the people around us never came back after halftime. Needless to say, my friend and I celebrated with each play until the final play took the 49ers to a 45-10 victory over the Redskins. Best part (and saddest) was all the people that actually wanted to fight us during and after the game.

Ive been a Niner faithful throughout my entire life, in fact, the only football I watch is 49ers football, anyway I can! Through the good times and the bad, Ive been an avid fan of this team and that will never change, ever! Whether the team went 2-14 or 13-3, I was always there rooting them on! No fair-weather fans here!

49ers Faithful 4 Life…..

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