Nov 24 2011

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Xbox Infinity

This is the name of the next Xbox console that will be the 360′s successor.

Why Infinity?… Well its a number that cant be beat, it also doesnt look inferior to the 4 in Playstation 4, but the Infinity name goes much deeper than that. The Infinity symbol is obviously a sideways 8, which draws a great connection with the upcoming Windows 8. Also, more importantly, keep in mind the connection that Microsoft has with NBC, which is a big part of why they named MSNBC the way they did.

Now with that in mind, remember that Comcast is a parent company of NBC as it has a 51% stake in the company. Comcast named its service Xfinity which was no coincidence. Comcast and Microsoft have had this in the planning for quite a while. XBOX Infinity will be able to be used as a Comcast “Xfinity” set top box. From cable to on demand, all of Comcast Xfinity’s services will be available right in Xbox Infinity.

So far all sources are pointing to a late 2012 or early (spring) 2013 launch. It will come in 2 skus, one will be more geared towards entertainment and downloadable games and will be the cheaper of the 2. The other sku will be more for the hardcore gamer, it will have the downloadable games and entertainment features as well as a disc drive (blu ray) and a built in HDD as well as full backwards compatibility with the current Xbox 360 games.

Also of note… Another name that was tossed around quite a bit was Xbox 365. But the Infinity won out because of Windows 8 and Comcast Xfinity capability, not to mention nothing beats Infinity!  Also as was noted by many rumors on the net, the dev kits that devs are receiving are codenamed LOOP. Again, notice the OO in the middle which makes for the Infinity symbol.

Credit/Source: “Michael Zoran”

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  1. vangamer

    Know of any of the specs yet?

  2. bumpkin

    Should be water cooled!

  3. Tbag COD Flows

    Modern warfre gonna be outta pocket in that next xbox.

  4. Michael Zoran


    You are an excellent writer! You look at things from a fine point of view, and you do a great job of explaining each point you make. This truly is an excellent article.

    I would like to give a brief update of what I have been hearing lately regarding the Xbox Infinity:

    * Xbox Infinity will definitely be announced to the public at the 2012 E3 show.

    * Xbox Infinity will probably be released “worldwide” simultaneously in North America, Europe, and Japan, just like the Xbox 360. This launch is going to happen in late 2013.

    * There are still a few key people at Microsoft who are pulling for a late 2012 launch of Xbox Infinity. If this were to happen, the launch would be exclusively in North America with the European launch taking place in the spring of 2013. I still have no clue what would happen in Japan if this scenario were to take place.

    * Microsoft wants to beat the competition to the market. If the Xbox Infinity launches in the fall of 2013, it would have a perfect launch – similar to the Sega Dreamcast. But, Microsoft knows that even if they launched in late 2012 there would still be quite a few good third-party games and the console would sell out (even at an incredibly high price).

    * I know that several key people at Microsoft are still pulling for the name of Xbox 365 rather than Xbox Infinity, even though Xbox Infinity is supported by a much larger group of people.

    * I can tell you the specifications recently released by several websites are not correct. Although the hardware may in fact be “Six times as powerful as Xbox 360,” the GPU is going to be custom for the Xbox Infinity — regardless of which PC graphics technology it is based off of.

    Well, my friend, I’m glad I was able to meet you. Always remember you are an excellent writer. Being an excelling writer is something to be proud of. And from what I’ve seen, you are an excellent person, too!

    Take care,
    Michael Zoran

  1. Arm4Real

    Backwards compat is a must for next xbox. I cant wait for it hope for no rrod.

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